Selection and other sundries for MP-WP

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Here are four patches to the V-tree for Mircea Popescu's Wordpress, which amount to an approximation of the changes I've been running since initial setup of Fixpoint, reground to build upon subsequent improvements by billymg and Diana Coman.

I plan to sign them shortly unless cause for revision comes to light (such as for example server-side selection being implemented outside the theme-specific code).

Quoth the manifest:

624752 mp-wp_remove-textselectionjs-pop3-etc jfw Remove the unreliable JS-based selection, posting by POP3 login, and a stray .php.orig file. Neutralize and comment the example pingback updater.
624752 mp-wp_svg-screenshots-and-errorreporting jfw Allow .svg extensions in theme screenshot search. Don't clobber the user's errorreporting level without WP_DEBUG.
624752 mp-wp_serverside-selection jfw Add server-side text selection to example htaccess and themes, roughly as seen in (xmlrpc.php changes not included)
624752 mp-wp_footnote-link-tweaks jfw Avoid turning double-quotes into backquotes in footnote tooltips. Expand the link part of footnote identifiers to cover the pre_identifier and post_identifier strings, for a larger clickable area.

Update: I've reground the first based on billymg's feedback to prune the wrapper "span" tags originating from mp-wp_add-footnotes-and-textselectionjs.vpatch, and the second trivially to follow the changed antecedent. As I had previously signed these, I've bumped the canonical patch names to avoid confusion. The second two patches remain in a draft state. Current patches and seals:

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