Virus terror shuts down Panama City

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On a normal Tuesday rush hour, this would be a busy sidewalk.


There wouldn't be space between cars on Via EspaƱa.


Three cops rolled out purposefully. Maybe there's a gathering to be suppressed.


At the supermarket, the normal street-level entrance was closed. The masked - and gloved, for good measure! - guard at the exit was a bit distracted and didn't at first notice me stroll in, but then hollered and pointed me to the parking entrance.


The bread lines are here - not for lack of bread, as yet, but for limited headcount permitted inside.


Maybe the checkout lines at least go faster now. I have my doubts: they seem to be always just a bit understaffed by design. I didn't stick around to find out.

I wonder how often they miss someone leaving and don't let the next in.

The chino's shelves are holding up fine, on the offchance they have something you'd want to buy.


Back at the cell block, celebrations prohibited, and a first hint of concern about the water supply, though that's not uncommon here as the growth of the city outpaced its internal improvements and maintenance for years. At least there's clip art!


But yes, I'm holding out fine so far, thanks.

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