#jwrd Logs for Jan 2022

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[18:12] jfw: an update upon seeing that usb drive enclosure in person: it strangely uses a type-A USB port i.e. same shape as on the computer side, rather than the expected micro-B, and comes with A-to-A cable. pretty sure that's out of spec for USB and means it can't share the normal cables with other drives.
[18:12] sourcerer: 2021-09-30 22:55:21 (#jwrd) dorion: jfw, I'm using the sabrent ec-uasp.
Day changed to 2022-01-18
[19:31] jfw: worth highlighting:
Day changed to 2022-01-20
[00:57] dorion: cool, left a comment.
Day changed to 2022-01-25
[19:33] whaack_temp: howdy all, how goes things?
[19:35] whaack: nice to see you're doing a meetup , it's unfortunate i never go to redeem my flight voucher from copa
[20:58] whaack: i've been chewing away at the block explorer, sadly i have not yet put the gales boxes to use, but i plan to test them out *with some coin* in the near future
[20:59] whaack: i've been reviewing my opsec and i have become distrustful about the way my wallet is going about choosing an R value for signing
Day changed to 2022-01-27
[20:26] jfw:
[20:26] jfw: wb whaack. it's going alright.
[20:29] whaack: jfw: how has Panama been relative to the US?
[20:29] jfw: you thinking of using the old monolithic wallet or giving gbw-signer a try? I believe the spot as first outside reviewer of that is still up for grabs
[20:29] whaack: from what i've heard from my mom in Florida, mask madness seems to be less there than here
[20:30] jfw: mask madness is way less in Florida. plenty of sheep still wandering about wearing them but I don't recall once being confronted about it, in ~4 months.
[20:30] whaack: jfw: realistically I will try it out before March 15, although I may get to it as early as this weekend.
[20:31] jfw: apart from that panama still works ok. and it's mostly just in the shops.
[20:31] whaack: my blockexplorer modification of gbw_node is reaching the point where i'm ready to vpatch and sign it fairly soon
[20:32] whaack: i probably am going to regenesis, as the function has changed entirely
[20:34] jfw: makes sense; I'm not too likely to review major changes there at the moment
[20:36] jfw: I'll be back in FL in late Feb though at least for a bit, let me know if you think of anyone I should meet up with there
[20:37] whaack: jfw: nice, can't say i have any contacts there other than my mom atm though
[20:39] jfw: alright, I imagine you have her btc trading needs covered, if any; but if not...
[20:41] whaack: jfw: are you interested in buying or selling some?
[20:42] jfw: I'm usually on the buying dollars side.
[20:42] whaack: ah, probably not able to trade then
[20:44] jfw: alright. how's the otc networking been going in CR?
[20:53] whaack: jfw: i've facilitated probably about 1.5 BTC worth of trades total in the last year or so, usually i can find someone to do a trade in the 10-30 bitcoin penny range within 2 weeks
[20:55] whaack: i met a few people into segwit coin as i mentioned in the logs a couple months back, and just about anyone can be convinced to be on the selling dollars side of the trade
[20:59] whaack: bbl
[21:09] jfw: whaack: sounds not bad for a side project.
[21:51] whaack: yup, at least shows that a p2p cash network is available for those who look for it
[21:51] whaack: and i have had to turn down people who wanted to do six figure selling of usds for lack of supply on the btc side
[21:52] whaack: so if someone wanted to run it larger they likely could
Day changed to 2022-01-31
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