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Day changed to 2021-09-14
[19:14] dorion: -- looks like I wasn't fully clear on this. you said /package with symlink in /usr/bin. does that mean /gales/pkg will get moved under /package as well ?
[19:14] sourcerer: 2021-08-24 15:41:01 (#jwrd) dorion: -- makes sense to me to get rid of /command and just go with /usr/bin
[19:14] sourcerer: 2021-08-24 03:59:49 (#jwrd) jfw: So my approach will be: tarball extracts (or tree presses or whatever) to /package/<packagename>-<version> as I've used before, compiles in place, and executables get symlinked in /usr/bin.
[20:15] jfw: dorion: I wasn't contemplating changes to gales or gports there, but rather how to structure new software releases such that they fit well out-of-the-box, no "porting" needed, on gales or even on other unixen if necessary.
[20:15] jfw: things like gscm, gbw etc.
[20:20] dorion: alright, thanks.
Day changed to 2021-09-15
[21:13] dorion: manual feedbot :

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