#jwrd Logs for Apr 2021

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Day changed to 2021-04-01
[13:00] cruciform: jfw, I'm under the weather today; may we reschedule for Tuesday? Apologies again for late-notice
[13:32] cruciform: also, was the Euloran junto meeting recorded last night? Missed it on account of hitting the sack early
[15:40] jfw: cruciform: ok, no worries. not like I don't have other things to fill the time!
[15:43] jfw: do ask if you run into trouble with the router process; I reckon it's the largest or most "unguided" project we've assigned so far
[15:47] jfw: I will inquire into the recording.
Day changed to 2021-04-05
[14:28] cruciform: jfw, I’ve recovered, though haven’t got any closer to completing router-setup-homework (pure derpage/avoidance on my part). I could use a little more time to get it sorted – may we move tomorrow’s session to Thursday?
[16:35] jfw: cruciform: I don't think it'll be that bad once you get started; what about taking just an hour tonight or in the morning to try and then we'll just take Tuesday's session to continue working through it?
[18:15] cruciform: jfw, cool - let's do that; see ya tomorrow @ 18:00 UTC
Day changed to 2021-04-11
[23:54] jfw: << and here I was thinking I might need to drop .1 BTC on an oscilloscope to do any serious hardware work. modernity, huh?
[23:56] jfw: and finally I find something cool that *wasn't* mentioned in ye olde tmsr logz, HA!
Day changed to 2021-04-12
[00:00] jfw: and if the $30 hobbyist postage-stamp thing isn't up to par there's more commercial looking $70 ones with winblows interface, and failing that, ~ $400 for entry level of 'grownup' standalone bench scopes.
Day changed to 2021-04-19
[21:55] jfw: I'm finding that my process for grading the early homework assignments involves filling in explanations for what was missed, which ends up making it take as long to grade as it would to do the assignment. Not too scalable.
[21:58] cruciform: well, how scalable can highly-specialized, one-on-one tuition be?
[21:58] jfw: I suppose it comes from not being quite satisfied that things were adequately covered in the texts.
[21:58] jfw: well the basics aren't all that specialized
[21:58] jfw: (I've got others going through unix-001 still)
[21:59] cruciform: what's the alternative - "read the manual again"?
[22:00] jfw: why not - and then they'll at least know which part they're missing!
[22:00] cruciform: heh, it wasn't meant altogether snarkily
[22:01] jfw: cruciform: but how goes with you? and should we plan to make it another lab day tomorrow?
[22:01] cruciform: when I tutored, I'd always go through the homework painstakingly with the student, and show em where they fucked up
[22:01] cruciform: I'm dealing with estate agent bullshit, still
[22:01] cruciform: tomorrow ought to work fine; I should be able to get the homework done beforehand
[22:02] cruciform: (current stupid problem: despite paying the entire contract upfront, they're asking for tax returns etc)
[22:02] jfw: but I mean, will you have the network online and ready for new stuff, or better to just make that the goal for tomorrow?
[22:03] jfw: o_O
[22:03] cruciform: as in, have the router setup finished? Yea, that'll be a decent goal
[22:04] cruciform: I offered one landlord and entire year's rent upfront, he declined: "what's your proof of income???"
[22:04] cruciform: *an entire
[22:05] jfw: could ask for proof that he exists I guess
[22:05] cruciform: I've been writing up my experience getting scammed on a BTC-OTC trade/WoT/filtration; should have that posted soon
[22:06] cruciform: heh
[22:06] cruciform: these "people" are so wed to their delusions of how the world works
[22:06] jfw: and the deed too. I mean, almost sounds like wanting to prove you're a mark for his scheme
[22:08] cruciform: well, it's been cause for self-reflection, at least: where have I been derping/promising but not delivering etc
[22:08] jfw: I don't think I'd pay a year in advance without some proof of ownership from the other party. but then, overheated suburbs of exploding city, seller's market etc.
[22:08] cruciform: yea - the market is utterly ridiculous, here
[22:09] jfw: I gotta run but thanks for confirming on tomorrow.
[22:09] cruciform: I'm kinda glad the landlord turned down the year-upfront offer; I agree it's not one I'd make
[22:09] cruciform: cool; cya tomorrow

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